We Would Not Allow Ayawaso West Repeat Itself In The Volta Region – NDC National Youth Organizer

We Would Not Allow Ayawaso West Repeat Itself In The Volta Region – NDC National Youth Organizer

The National Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress has observed with utmost disgust, the ongoing incidences of attempted voter suppression and the unprovoked deployment of brutish force by some military personnel in the Volta Region; ahead of the upcoming voter registration exercise by the remote-controlled Jean Mensah Electoral Commission.

As a thriving youth force of the most successful political party in Ghana, we consider the recent developments as a gross affront to our democratic credentials and a distasteful punch to the floating climate of peace in the Volta Region and the country at large. Even though disappointed, these crude and oppressive acts are nothing but by-products of the repeated callousness, which has been demonstrated by the New Patriotic Party, together with its shortsighted and divisive leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. For a man who continues to make very boastful assertions about his commitment to the protection of human rights, it is gravely ironical that such gleeful violations occur right under his nose.

Following the recent verdict by the nation’s apex court, we have boldly expressed our concerns about the ruling with the needed candor in that regard. However, despite our deep seated reservations, as a law abiding people, we have commenced frantic and fervent preparations to be able to peacefully and vigilantly participate in the upcoming voter registration exercise. It is therefore unsettling to observe on the other hand that, the New Patriotic Party and President Akufo-Addo are rather using their incumbency to execute such tyrannous intimidation of harmless citizens in the Volta Region.

For the avoidance of doubt, the residents of the Volta Region are also veritable citizens of Ghana, who are enjoined by law to enjoy unfettered access to all events and democratic exercises without any form of suppression, exemption or shrewd mechanisms to elbow their participation and active involvement. On the back of this premise, it is regrettable for the military to be intimidating these innocent civilians who are only lacing their boots to patriotically participate in Tuesday’s exercise when it officially begins.

As a responsible but firm and proactive set of young people, we are therefore using this medium to strongly and conclusively urge the troops in the Volta Region to be minded in their dealings to avert any untoward scenes and disturbing reactions. On this same token, we are further asking the President, Nana Akufo-Addo and the hierarchy of the military to quickly resolve these worrying development, while they may. Should this call be ignored, we shall employ very decisive and impactful mediums to enforce our collective advocacy and that of the interest of the good people of the Volta Region, and in all other places where such hostilities may be demonstrated by any individual or group of persons.

We are charged by the events of the despicable Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election and by this release, we seek to we SERVE A STRONG WARNING that, if even one individual loses his/her life or is injured in the event of the registration process, the National Democratic Congress, NDC, and its YOUTH WING will respond fiercely and harshly to the perpetrator(s) of that assault; whether acting under the guise uniformed security or acting irresponsibly as an agent of the misled Akufo-Addo Government. The Ghana Police Service today has a new branch known as the New Patriotic Police (NPP) that runs on the instructions of the NPP.

The ‘Militants’ on our side, and young people in the NDC have taken caution from Government’s white paper on the Ayawaso Commission’s report that, the hooliganism perpetrated by Akufo-Addo’s ‘invisible force’ members enrolled into our once respected security always go unpunished.
Under my command as the NDC’s National Youth Organizer, I am directing all our party’s support base, young people, and the general citizenry to take the names of the security officers as displayed on their badges, together with their pictures and videos if they assault anyone in the registration process. We will deal with such rogues of ‘invisible forces’ members, enrolled into our security services at the appropriate time. The fact remains that no uniformed person can disqualify anyone from registering on his bogus and wanton suspicions.

Under the circumstances, we have taken the DUTY of defending our LIVES and LIBERTY into our HANDS. And for the records, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can defeat the organized will, might and force of mass action. To the good people of the Volta Region across the COUNTRY, the YOUTH WING of the NDC STANDS WITH YOU against this naked ethnocentrism and systemic operations against you, just because of where you were born and those you were born to.

History tells us that when the great Kwame Nkrumah was mobilizing this nation for independence, Akufo-Addo’s uncle, J. B Danquah, was sheepishly parading arguments for the extension of colonial rule even at the closing hours of gaining independence. It is ironic today that his nephew, who is now the beneficiary of a Ghanaian-run-government within an independent state, is seeking to dismember and disunite this country in the most offensive and systemic ethnic assault and discrimination ever in our nation’s history.

We remind the people of the Volta Region that the national anthem of this country was coined by an illustrious son of the Volta land; Philip Gbeho. Let Philip Gbeho’s timeless words as captured in our national anthem, “Resist Oppressor’s Rule”, ring in your hearts as you march to register to vote. Comrades, friends and fellow countrymen, let no one prevent you from accessing that inalienable and exclusive right to register and vote.


National Youth Organiser, NDC