Getting Ghana to work

We believe that the role of Government is to create an environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and over the past four years that is what we have done through our massive investment in infrastructure, education, health care, power and telecommunications.

Ghana is growing. Our people are getting to work. Our vision for Ghana sees us becoming a regional powerhouse of growth and development, for the benefit of all of our people.

We have already created incredible employment and economic development opportunities which have seen thousands of jobs created.

They say we have not created jobs but here are the facts:

Since 2009 we have overseen the creation of 341 000 formal sector jobs. Our government infrastructure projects have created 400 000 jobs through the private sector.

Growing Ghanaian entrepreneurs

Our people’s entrepreneurial spirit is growing. 19 000 new businesses were started: these business owners will in turn provide jobs in their own communities, creating opportunities for self-determination and for our people to realise their own potential.

From the market women to technology entrepreneurs, each of these business owners embody the resourcefulness and proactive attitude that is the heart of our economy. We stand with them, and will continue to create the environment and structures to support their efforts – we are upgrading the markets, installing fibre optics and building ICT Parks, providing Innovation Centres, Youth Cooperatives and Rural Enterprise Projects along with a drive to take the youth back to Agriculture.

In 2016 alone, the projects we’ve undertaken have generated another 143 300 employment opportunities, 120 000 more through our Youth Employment Agency and 89,514 in the tourism sector.

We have created real opportunities for individuals, businesses and our country as a whole to thrive, and take our rightful place as the economic heart of our region. The 3,400 new hospital beds will create over 100,000 new jobs as well as helping to keep our citizens healthy.

However, these numbers are not simply statistics on paper.

The real impact of job creation

Each of these jobs represents a family able to support themselves. Peace of mind for parents able to feed, clothe and educate their children, and opening the door to a stable and prosperous future.

Young people able to start building careers which will see them contribute to the growth of our country and region. The impact of these new jobs cannot be measured solely in current economic terms.

As the children of these families grow up and start out in careers which we may not even have imagined yet, they will continue to build on the base of development and prosperity which we have worked to put in place today.

This is where we see the real benefit and impact of the work we have done. Not in the accounting books of a business or country, but in the tangible changes to the lives of our people.

Whilst we can all be proud of these numbers, as they show the fruits of our labor over the past years we know we must and can do more. And we will!

In the next four years, we will build on the progress we have already made, expanding our projects and identifying new opportunities to grow.

Our 2021 vision for Ghana lays the foundation for our growth and shows how we will grow the economy and create jobs for our citizens.

We must start with ensuring that Ghana remains and enhances its value as an investment destination. With our safe and stable democracy, welcoming people and robust investments structures we are the obvious choice as the springboard for foreign companies in to the ECOWAS market.

We will create value added industries in alignment with our core agricultural assets.

We will continue to develop our infrastructure projects – building roads, ports and railways which not only create jobs in themselves but create opportunities for additional jobs once markets and products are connected.

We will ensure our citizens gain access to skills development in technology as that is the future – with the right skills our country can leverage technology and leapfrog our growth across all industries.

We all have a part to play in making Ghana work. We have done more than simply talk about progress – we have made it happen! We will continue to deliver on our vision, through our careful planning and determined focus.

In the coming years, our strategic vision and delivery, coupled with the productive and creative efforts of our hardworking people, will see the realization of Ghana as a prosperous, energetic economic trailblazer in our region.