Social Protection

Social Protection

We as the NDC believe that a nation’s heart is reflected in their treatment of its most vulnerable citizens: the elderly, the infirm, children and the poorest in our society.

Changing Lives, Transforming Ghana

Our policies have literally changed lives. We have transformed Ghana. We halved extreme poverty 2 years ahead of the 2015 Millennium Development Goal deadline.

We increased LEAP beneficiary households to 146,074. Our support for persons with disabilities has been unmatched.

Our older citizens now receive priority access to all social services, transport terminals, hospitals and banks.

Women are the heartbeat of our nation

Women are the backbone and heartbeat of our nation. We have provided gender-based resource centres in market areas. Our gender equality legislative initiatives have included affirmative action, property rights of spouses, domestic violence and human trafficking. Providing a strong legal framework that women can rely on for support is crucial to our success as a nation and as women.

We’ve seen more and more women taking their rightful place in society at all levels, from government to business, from our schools to our homes and families. Achieving our vision of Transforming Ghana cannot be done without the involvement and commitment to our women.

Over the next four years, we will expand on social interventions and introduce additional initiatives to transform our society. We will identify vulnerable people to be empowered as business owners and increase our LEAP beneficiaries by 350,000.

Registration of vulnerable people on the NHIS will continue, enabling kayayei, the elderly and persons with disabilities improved access to quality healthcare. Child-headed households, lepers, the aged and urban poor will also be targeted for social protection interventions. We will change the lives of our citizens.

Delivering the future to our youth

The youth of Ghana occupy a special place in our hearts. As they leave childhood behind and venture out in the world to take their place in society, it is up to us to ensure that they start their journey with every advantage, able to grab opportunities presented to them and create their own.

We’ve dedicated several projects to the empowerment and upliftment of our youth over the past years. The needs of young people are diverse, and our areas of focus have reflected this. We have invested in tertiary education, naturally. Job creation is another priority: our Youth Entrepreneurial Agency is in the process of employing 120,000 young people in diverse positions across many industries, and our agricultural incentive program is bringing young people back to the land and farms – we now have 81,150 young farmers in the programme.

These are just some of the initiatives that are ongoing. Our young people have every reason to be optimistic. We understand what they need, and we will continue to deliver to them.

Our most vulnerable citizens are relying on us as government to provide for them. This is our responsibility and our privilege.