The Green Book


President John Dramani Mahama made a pact with the sovereign people of Ghana in 2012 to deliver on their mandate in a manner that will change lives and transform our dear nation, Ghana.

He has been delivering on this sacred mandate with a sense of urgency. Many Ghanaians agree that sterling results have been achieved in his first term in office while strenuous efforts are being made to resolve long-standing national challenges.

This book, Accounting to the People, is a compilation of the numerous significant strides made in various sectors of our national life. Adopting a combination of pictures with crisp and incisive text, the book is a testimony of President Mahama’s vision to change lives and transform Ghana.

The book is presented in two parts. The first part gives a broad overview of this Government’s performance in various sectors based on the four thematic areas of the 2012 NDC manifesto.The second part provides pictorial proof of work done at the district level.

The content of this book is not exhaustive. It catalogues a summary of President Mahama’s achievements. The remarkable progress highlighted gives a clear indication of the President’s committment to changing the lives of Ghanaians and transforming Ghana.

It also shows how far his bold and decisive leadership has brought our great nation. In showcasing these achievements, President Mahama acknowledges the enormous contributions and support of the good people of Ghana – this is our collective achievement.

Dr. Edward Kofi Omane Boamah
Minister for Communications
December, 2015