Creating a prosperous future for all

We must start with ensuring that Ghana remains an attractive investment destination. This means making sure that our democracy remains safe and stable, first of all. We know that we have robust investment structures and a welcoming environment for foreign investment. So we’re the obvious choice as a gateway to the ECOWAS market for foreign investors. We are creating markets for our local goods, both in the ECOWAS region and further afield.

We will continue our investment in job creation, particularly nurturing entrepreneurship, leveraging technology in our industrial and agricultural spheres, and focusing on making our business environment attractive to investors both local and foreign. We are investing immense time, effort and resources into strengthening our infrastructure – getting these basics right, such as power, roads, ports and so on, is crucial to ensuring that our manufacturers and farmers are connected to their markets.

These efforts don’t exist in isolation – each initiative is a vital building block of the larger plan towards growing Ghana’s economy for today and in the future.