EC, NPP and NIA plot to rig 2020 elections-Key highlights from NDC’s Presser

EC, NPP and NIA plot to rig 2020 elections-Key highlights from NDC’s Presser

These are some of the key takeaways from NDC’s press conference on the attempt by the EC, NIA and the NPP to rig 2020 elections.

  1. The Jean Mensah-led EC told Parliament, Political parties and the media that the Ghana card will not be used for purposes of the 2020 general elections.
  2. Without any consultations with IPAC as the tradition has been, the EC has laid a new C.I in parliament. The C.I was not pre-laid before the Parliamentary committee on subsidiary legislation.
  3. In this new C.I, the requirements for registration, that’s the identification documents acceptable to prove one’s eligibility to be registered as a voter has been restricted mainly to: a. A valid Passport b. The Ghana card

In the absence of these main ID documents, one would have to go through the cumbersome process of attestation or the oath swearing option.

The widely possessed identification documents like the Birth certificate, driver’s license and the existing voters’ ID card have all been excluded.

This is we believe is a clear attempt to disenfranchise a significant number of Ghanaians, mostly in NDC strongholds and we have adduced empirical data to buttress this point.

Per data from the ministry of foreign affairs, only 2 million Ghanaians have a valid Ghanaian passport. This number includes persons below 18 years.

Per NIA’s own data, 17 million Ghanaians fall above 18 years and are eligible to be registered for the Ghana card. Yet only 6.5 million of them have their Ghana card as we speak.

In NDC strongholds like UWR, UER etc. over 90% of eligible voters have not been issued their Ghana cards.

The EC’s decision to accept only the Ghana Card and Passport as proof of eligibility for registration unto the electoral role, whiles excluding the existing voters ID card, Driver’s license and Birth certificate (which is a breeder document for both the Ghana card and passport) is part of their agenda to disenfranchise eligible voters in NDC strong holds, suppress votes and rig the 2020 elections for President Akufo-Addo and the ruling NPP. And we shall employ every every legitimate means to stop them.

If Akufo-Addo thinks that he has performed well and is confident of winning the next general elections, then why is he afraid of the inclusion of the existing voters’ ID card in the requirements of registration unto the electoral roll? What is he afraid of? Was is not this very voter’s ID card which was used to elect him in 2016???

And why is the Jean Mensah-led EC accepting the Ghana card whose issuance has been fraught with several anomalies in the requirements of registration, when she assured Parliament, the media and political parties not too long ago that same will not be used in this years general elections? What has changed?